Two years

Today, we celebrated my niece, Madysyn’s, second birthday. It was a backyard success. She’s fearless. She’s strong. She’s determined. She loves her pap-pap and her sister. She’ll be a handful, but I can’t wait to meet the woman she becomes.

Sweet niece of mine

I have one niece who’s sweet and sensitive, and I have one niece who’s spicy and rough. Today, I got to spend the afternoon making turtles and dancing to 90’s throwbacks with the sweet one. I hope she never loses here sensitive, sweet, creative, and caring demeanor.


Sunday Funday

Today, I spent time with my nieces, dancing and playing. As  I left, the oldest told me “remember, Aunty Christy, don’t stop until you do what you love.” Yes, a four year-old told me this; the wisdom of youth.

Love to my “maw-maw”

A year ago, I went on a searching rampage for a book I made of my great-grandma’s poetry after she died in 2003. For the past year, I’ve searched for it. Last week…I found it! Today, I opened  it up to read some of my favorite poems, and I remembered what love is on this Valentine’s Day. In the midst of chocolates, flowers, and significant others, love is something or someone who changes your life. For me, that was my maw-maw.