Today, we went to a terrarium bar to make our own terrariums. I think I found another new addiction. After we went,  spoke to my parents about the experience, and I discovered my grandma had a similar love. Could it be genetics? Regardless, I can’t wait to make more!

Early birthday shenanigans

Today, we enjoyed a pre-birthday celebration with  a greenbelt hike, trip to Ikea, pizza, cupcakes, and cold rain. Though my birthday is in February, it always seems to be hot in Texas then. This year, I got a change. Hooray!



…on the 23rd floor. Today, we set out in our coldest day in Austin in a long time to enjoy some Laughter on the 23rd floor. Though I was “that person” – you know – the one who coughs the entire time, I’m thankful to share some laughs with my family.


Mall date shenanigans

Today, we enjoyed our month 11 date night. This month’s activity: a mall scavenger hunt. It was complete with many different activities – including finding a naked mannequin, monogrammed underwear, and a soft pretzel. We found the king of soft pretzels. I think I could have ate nothing but them all day!

A night for the books

Tonight, we had a concert booked. However, we have become those “old” people so we decided to stay up closer to home, enjoy some bbq, hit up the bookstore, and check out the moon. All in all, I say we made the best choice.

Forts & Squash

Today, we had our October date night. This month’s date: fort night. It was complete with tiny light sabers and lollipops. Unfortunately, it ended after an hour when the cats decide to squash it. All good things must come to an end, I guess…


Today, we indulged at our favorite “fancy” restaurant, Magiano’s. With the great couple’s deal, we took a bite of chocolate crime in the form of a chocolate mouse cake. It was like the Great Wall of Chocolate! And, though my belly is not so thankful now, I’m thankful for a night to indulge.

Stranger Things

It’s been a week of…Stranger Things. Today, we ended it by watching the final episode of Netflix’s The Stranger Things and eating Eggos, a staple of the show.

I’m thankful for a week of imagination and inspiration.