Underwater bowling

After reading a friend’s Facebook post about doing “underwater bowling” at the Bass Pro Shop, we figured we should try it out. And, though, it turned out not to be an actual aquarium, it was still fun to give it a try. And, hey, I improved my bowling score from last week by 10! Now, for another three years before I bowl again…


Today, we had our July date – part of our “year of dates.” The outline: bowl by rules of M&Ms. For example, if you get a blue candy, you must bowl backwards and so forth. As it turns out, I can’t bowl normal, but I’m an ace at backwards and one-legged bowling. For that awesome awkwardness, I’m thankful.

The Walker

Today, I have a walker. It’s my last day as a 31-year old and sadly, not my last day to use a walker. Today, I enjoyed some rollerskating after 20 some-odd years and…practice does not make perfect.


I forgot to write this yesterday, so yesterday, I can say I had yesterday – which is one day more than others. I also had games and laughter. We need more of it and I need to make more time for it.