A year ago, I saw a fun video on how to make a dandelion paperweight out of resin. At the time, I didn’t have a paperweight mold, and I couldn’t find a dandelion, so I made many other pieces of resin jewelry. This year, I found a dandelion and a mold. Today, I made what I set out to create a year ago.

Finishing what I started

I’m not one for resolutions, but the new year is a great reminder of fresh starts and new achievements. With that in mind, I read an article shared by +Kelly Kermode about the 16 goals you should set for yourself in 2016. Many rang true for me, but there was one I felt inspired to complete: finish what you’ve started. Finish all of the art projects, the books, the recipes, etc. that you’ve started.

I’m taking this same idea to the classroom and to my personal life. In the classroom, I plan on finishing and following through on all (okay – realistically, some) of the ideas that inspired me.

In my personal life, I’m starting by putting life into my art business. It’s been a long dream of mine to do art on the side, but I never put the effort into it to make it a reality.

So, today, I’m launching the beginnings of Fenneworks, my recycled art business, with custom children’s shoes.

Check it out and share it with any interested! And, make 2016 year of completion!