I’m making new Google Sites. Are you?

Once Google released it’s testing version of Google Sites this summer, I immediately switched over and haven’t returned. In fact, I redid my Fennovation site to the new Google Sites. Does it do everything I want it to, yet? No? Is it better in almost every other way, though? Yes.

Curious how you, too, can move over to the new and improved Google Sites? Check out “Google Sites : New and Improved.”

So far, I have helped our entire staff make consistent splash pages (there is not a domain template option yet, but since the standard Site looks the same, it’s not hard to standardize them). I have also taught my English class to make them for three different digital writing (collaborative) projects.

What are you using the new Sites for?

New Google Sites Unveiled

Thanks to my co-worker, Brian Gray, we have the new Google Sites on our school domain. Over the past five months, I’ve had the opportunity to test it out and rebuild some of my old sites in the new version. Now, that version is live and ready to hit all school and work domains by November 21.

With that unveiling, I’ve started to transition fennovation.org to the New Google Sites. While it’s still a work in progress, I’m excited for the new, sleek look!

I’ve also created a handy Google Sites presentation and a Google Sites handout for making public splash pages.

While the new version still lacks some necessary features like being able to hide pages from the navigation bar (but still have them visible), remove header slots, control width of site, and control some of the font colors (limited options), the simplistic design is ideal for teachers. In fact, I would not want too many options. The more options, the more room for “ugly” Sites and…who wants that?

With the new Google Sites, you are guaranteed to have a more professional looking site.

In the meantime, check out the new version or our digital citizenship site as compared to the traditional Google Sites version.

I used Canva to create a header (public version so you can make a copy and edit it). I also used Canva to create circle icons on some of the pages (public version so you can make a copy and edit it).

And, because the Awesome table folks are so awesome, they have made Awesome tables accessible on the New Google Sites!

To use it, you can still create an existing Awesome Table (see my previous blog).

Once you have created one, you can see your creations from Awesome Tables. Since I already had them in my existing site, I was able to go to the old site and go to editing mode.

Then, I clicked on the Awesome Table & the gear.

From that menu, I clicked on the table name.

Then, I changed the URL from “edit” to “view.”

Next, I copied that URL.

Then, I went to the New Google Sites and, under “insert,” I clicked on “embed URL.” I pasted the link in the box and pressed “Apply.”

Finally, I resized the table to fit my Site. And, that’s it!

You can click on the preview button at any time to view the preview version of your site.

When you are ready to go, just press “Publish.” FYI – if you go back and edit your Site, you will need to press “Publish” for your changes to be live.

Stay tuned for more detailed presentations to come. In the meantime, try playing with the New Google Sites!

New Google Sites

I was happy when I saw the new Google Site come to my gsuite for work domain earlier this week (my beta test was on my school). So, in true Google-geek form, I immediately started redesigning my Fennovation site in the NEW Google Sites. I can’t wait for the project to be finalized!



Thinking about using the new Google Sites?

With the announcement today that the New Google Sites will be launching publicly next week, it’s time to ┬átake the plunge into the new Google Sites. Over the past five months, I’ve tested it out by building over ten Sites for a variety of purposes. Though the new Google Sites needs very little hand-holding, I made an updated presentation to outline the features and make it even that much simpler!

Check it out and check out fennovation.org for all things Google Sites!