Sunday Funday

Today, I spent time with my nieces, dancing and playing. As  I left, the oldest told me “remember, Aunty Christy, don’t stop until you do what you love.” Yes, a four year-old told me this; the wisdom of youth.

Christmas joy

Tonight, we celebrated Christmas with my side. It was simple and fulfilling and full of joy. One of my nieces is an avid reader and captures that joy with each and every book. I’m thankful for the time to spend with my family and thankful for remembering that joy.

Edge of Seventeen

Today, we watched a movie I’ve been waiting to see for awhile now: The Edge of Seventeen. To commemorate, we went shopping for frivolous holiday decor and chowed down on some Italian. It’s a nice reminder that we are all on the edge of seventeen even those we don’t think are.


Secret ingredients

Today, we celebrated our September date from the month of dates box I made for Christmas last year. This month’s date – host an iron chef date with a secret ingredient of your choice. My choice – pineapple. And, I have to admit, it was quite tasty. So, today, I’m thankful for the creativity cooking brings.