The 12 hour tour…

12 hours later, we are home! As I entered our house, I was greeted by the sounds of four meows and cats fighting for attention. Though I don’t condone cat fights, today, I’m thankful for being home and being “fought for” even if it’s by cats!

Crazy nieces

Today, I got to spend some wild hours with my ┬ánieces who did everything from dancing the Rolling Stones, paintings, running to dancing and singing Shattered by The Stones. I’m proud of my rock-loving, 16-month old niece. And, thankful for hours to spend with them.

Nieces and peaches

Today, I got to spend the afternoon with home cookin’ and my two, sweet nieces. And, as the older says, “Aloha – that’s ‘hi’ in French.” The laughter continues with these two and I’m thankful for it.