A needed snack

After seven sessions of back-to-back one hour Google Drive training and no lunch, I was due for a snack today. I don’t think an apple and chocolate have ever looked as tasty. I can’t wait to indulge!

What are you looking forward to today?

Hitting the snooze

I had all of the intentions of waking up early after staying up too late working. However, today, I did it – I hit that button – the snooze button. And, it was totally worth it.

When was the last time you hit the snooze button?

A time to pamper

The great hair-cut of 2015, copyright Christy Fennewald (Fennovation.org), Jan. 28, 2015

Tonight was exactly that – a time to pamper, a time to chop the hair off. Looking in the mirror, I couldn’t help but compare myself to that of Tracy Tumblad in Hairspray. Maybe it was the pink or the steamer, but, tonight, I felt like a character in a play.

When was the last time you pampered yourself?

Everyone needs a break

Today’s moment: Sitting in a computer lab at 6PM working off of three computers…still at school. Today was my day for sponsoring our Girls Who Code Club. It was in that moment of being surrounded I realized I need a break. When was your last break?

Everyone needs a nap

Copyright Christy Fennewald (Fennovation.org) January 25, 2015

Today’s moment: A reminder that I need to treat myself to a nap. Watching my niece nap, I was reminded of how important sleep is. When was your last nap? Have you taken time to rest recently?

Remedy to a cold

Copyright Christy Fennewald (Fennovation.org), Blankets Jan. 12, 2015

Some may say chicken noodle soup (and I can’t lie – that is a favorite of mine too). However, it’s hard to beat a fleece blanket…especially, when it comes in the form of a Snuggie. “Cold” days like today are meant for soup, Snuggies, and writing.

Side note – my Paris trunk is also a top contender so it made a debut in this post.