Too much

We were supposed to do the Rosedale ride today, one of my favorite bike rides. However, with the rain predicted, the wind, my general fatigue, we elected to stay home. I opted to bike the same distance, but on my trainer. Well, I overdid it. I’ve been too tired to move the rest of the day. Lesson learned…for now.

Public outing

After the flu hit me hard, I’ve decided to take steps back gently. Today was my first full public outing — a showing of “Underworld.” While we wanted to see “Hidden Figures,” we discovered everyone else did so we saw the only movie open that we hadn’t seen and, fitting it was! Here’s to small steps.




Shame on me for not getting the flu shot. After two days of running a fever, I decided to go to the doc and…the flu test lit up right away. Now, I’m only allowed in public with a mask until I’m cleared. Let’s hope the rest of 2017 is healthier!



A Christmas Tradition

Despite still feeling sick and depleted, we upheld our plans to see the Nutcracker at Ballet Austin and dine at our Christmas favorite, Shady Grove. I must say – the jolly atmosphere made an improvement on our sickly states!