Today, we went to see the movie I’ve been waiting for:¬†Logan. It was ¬†intense in ways beyond just the action it’s know for. It also kicked off my spring break, a much-needed break.

Birthdays and educators

I spent my birthday presenting to innovative educators. While I’m not pleased with the pick of Secretary of Education, I am thankful to have spent the day surrounded by educators innovating and making a difference.


We go to school on MLK day. It never occurred to me, until I worked at this school, that our celebration of MLK day is unusual. We give everyone the day off to do…what? Shop? Sleep? We go to school and spend the day, not in our usual classes, but in diversity workshops, celebrating thought and kindness. I wonder how many other holidays we celebrate wrong in the U.S.?

Christmas for adults

It doesn’t have the same enthusiasm of opening presents. Rather, it has become a day of rest instead. Next year, I’d like to bring back some of that enthusiasm.


For the past three years, we have ventured out to explore the lights of Dallas. Though we didn’t do as much exploring this year due to record-setting heat, we still managed to find the Grand Prairie lights!



Christmas vacay

Officially began today with a trip to the boyfriend’s parents. While I’m disappointed to not spend it with my family, this tree is always a welcoming sight.

Christmas cards

This year has been a bit slow with the Christmas cards mail, but today, I received an envelope almost too large for the mailbox – from the parents. Christmas never feels complete without a Christmas card.

Cookies with mom

Today, I went to the ‘rents’ house to help my mom decorate some cookies. Though the amount of cookies we decorate has diminished over the years, it’s remained constant every year and, for that, I’m thankful.

A Christmas Tradition

Despite still feeling sick and depleted, we upheld our plans to see the Nutcracker at Ballet Austin and dine at our Christmas favorite, Shady Grove. I must say – the jolly atmosphere made an improvement on our sickly states!