Today, I failed to proofread a text I sent to my boyfriend. When I received an odd response back from him, I realized I did not proofread it. In light of social media discussions, I couldn’t help but find the irony – think twice before sending.

Cat fights

‘Tis the season, it seems, for cat fights, candidate fights, and general bickering. Today, our cats were no exception. Of course, expect that one put the the sit-down on the other, quelling all whines. If only it were that simple…

Hello, fall

Today, we had no school in honor of ACL weekend. Yes, we dismiss classes unofficially for ACL. And, what a better day to not have school! It was our first sub 60 degree morning in 6 months and it felt marvelous. To honor that first chill, here’s a Snow¬†sighting (aka Snow the cat).


Taco Friday – tacos every day!

Perhaps, I was thinking about Trump or, perhaps, I just wanted tacos. Either way, I indulged in my taco love today. I think I could do tacos every day on every corner. So, today, I’m thankful for tacos – of all kinds.


Today, I got another low tire pressure message on my car, indicating a small leak in my tire. While my ears have too much negative pressure, my tires do not have enough pressure. So, today, I’m thankful for handy fixes to tire pressure. Air machines are worth the quarters!