Tonight, we watched the movie, Arrival. Though I’m sure some will find room to complain, it was a great opening to a week about giving thanks – thanks to the life we make, thanks to the life we are given, and thanks to the relationships we forge.



Choose Love

Some days are harder than others. Today was one of them. I did not feel well and had other events shape my day negatively. When I got home, we had a package on our door, addressed to our address, but with the wrong name. There was no way of returning it. So, I opened it. In it was a shirt bought to support refugees and titled “choose love.” It was a great reminder that, even when things are hard, you always have a choice on how to proceed. Choose it kindly and lovingly.

Abraham Lincoln – Remember

I woke up, like many, in a somber mood. I spent the day thinking about what last night’s election decision meant for the country and the liberties we hold dear. This morning, our head of school shared a quote of Abraham Lincoln — one he said in 1865; one about healing our wounds and building the bridges to unite the country; one about placing country and policy over party. This has been my saving grace. This is what I will focus on. I choose not to go around somber. Rather, I choose to continue the fight to protect our liberties now even more than ever. And one of those is our right to vote and respect the differences that make us Americans.


Today, I started work on earning a cycling certification with the hope of teaching cycling classes in the near future. Today, I fulfilled a dream I’ve had for nearly ten years. And, for that, I’m thankful. Here’s to resolute-ions.

I have voted!

Today, I made the last 10 minutes of early voting in Texas primaries. I figured I’d done enough complaining about the poor choices so I’d make sure to make my dent in the candidate selections.

Here’s a reminder to vote. It’s not like being a sports bystander. You are the game. Make it count.