Life after the #ignite talk #hacked #iste2015

One hour ago, I finished my first ever Ignite talk. It was the most exhilarating and nerve-wrenching five minute presentation I have ever given,

Here’s how it works: You submit an idea – in early May – one that will Ignite the world. And, at the end of May, you are given acceptance or denial. Lucky for me, I was accepted. That meant I had two weeks to prepare 20 slides – no less, no more – with a five minute timeline. I had my trusty friend, +Krista Tyler review my slides and my notes. At the time, I thought that would be it. It was only just beginning.

Each slide says on for 15 seconds, which means you have to time your slides and rehearse according to a very strict timeline. It also means you have to get to the point. You have to ignite.

In preparing my Ignite, I realized this would be a great writing practice for students. As I rehearsed, I trimmed down and editing my presentation. In fact, I made an edit every time. What an awesome way to teach the revision process in a holistic way?!

After weeks of small practices, it came time for today. And, I was fortunate enough to go after the awesome Rafranz Davis – superstar from last year! My nerves only grew. But the time came, and I told my story – the one I wanted everyone to hear – the one about students – the one about doing good – the one I hope will ignite others to do good.

Life after the talk? I am more inspired than ever to give my students more real challenges and to find all of my students that have a passion for “hacking” and ignite it and guide it.

In case you missed the Ignite talk, you can check out my presentation (with notes) below. Be sure to catch the rest of the Ignite sessions. This is only round one of four. So much more to Ignite you!!! I only wish I could see them all.


Click on the gear to open the speaker notes that go with this presentation. Message me at @christyfenne if you want to chat about starting student tech clubs. I’d love to connect!