Today, I have blogging. I spent the morning brainstorming with 7th grade students on how create positive online presences. And, they decided blogging would be a great medium for sharing the positive side of life. I agree. Share kindness.

A little sharing

…goes along way. This year, a co-worker and I applied to present at SXSWedu about getting more teachers to conferences and redefining higher education. Sadly, we were not accepted. However, a couple of weeks ago, that same co-worker Tweeted me that TES Global¬†was sending educators to SXSWedu for free if they shared their innovation to #tesinnovates. Now, several of my teachers are headed to a conference to bring back and share more learning. And, it all started from one Tweet.

Today’s moment: sharing.

Let’s Get Organized

It’s funny how a little thing like organization can brighten someone’s day. Today’s moment: helping teachers migrate their desktop files to their Google Drive. The blessings and thanks I received made me feel as if I just saved their life. Small things make a big difference.

What little thing did you do that made a big difference?


Sometimes I forget that such a simple pleasure is note available in many areas. I’m reminded of this after hours of presenting in rooms that turned my hands purple. Today’s moment: thinking of the warm water available to turn my hands back to normal color.

How can you help someone else in need of warmth?