404 error

Today, I spent a long time creating a custom 404 page. A task that I thought would be simple turned out to be quite the challenge. In between Chrome crashing on me every few seconds and trying to replicate my own 404 errors, I spent a lot of time looking at error screens today. Here’s to a non-error day tomorrow.

Making strides

Today, as part of my WordPress class, we had to create custom fields and custom page types on our own; the goal being for clients to be able to just use the admin panel to enter in content rather than having to enter the php/html files. It was a challenge, but I’m happy with the progress I’ve made. I won’t say how many hours I spent on this, but…I think they were worth it!

Creative inspiration

Today, I attended the LLI conference in Arlington. For today’s sessions, we split half of the 90 minutes with students. Yes, this means that the first 45 minutes we got to observe  and participate in a class. The next 45 minutes were spent debriefing with the teacher/presenter. I loved this unique format and I felt much more engaged. To finish off day one, I listened to students apply for maker grants from us. Though this student didn’t present, I loved their creative guitar, and I’m thinking of making  my own!

Small but effective?

Today, we held our school’s first official EdCamp. While we did not get the turnout we expected, learning did happen, showing the power of collaboration. We didn’t have any “experts,” but we had each other and we had time. If only more PD focused on those two aspects…what could we do?

Learning frustration

Right now, I’m taking  classes on WordPress (.org, not .com) and freelancing. Yesterday and today, we had to put together what we knew and start a staging site. Unfortunately, the process was not smooth for me. Rather, it was one issue after the next. While I don’t think I’ve figured it all out yet, it’s a great reminder that the best learning comes after these points of frustration.