The stairway to…

After taking my usual double load of RPM classes this morning, we set out to check out a trail I wanted to see for sometime: River Place Trail. I knew it had the highest elevation change in all of Austin, and it had a ton of steps – thousands; and, my understanding was correct. However, it was the perfect day for a hike. I can’t wait to go back!

The hammock returns!

After the squirrels mated in our hammock last year and destroyed it, we held off buying a replacement. After our cold biking trip, though, we decided a new one was in store. So, today, we put up our newest relaxing addition.

The ride from…frozen hell

Today, we made the ride from Jefferson City to Hermann. Well, some of us made the ride. I made the 60 miles in sub 30 degree temperatures, in snow, mud, and wind. My other half hitchhiked the second half of the trip in his Pjs (he forgot pants!). Along the way, I stumbled upon a wild ram and a bald eagle. The rest of the path was devoid of any life: spooky and beautiful. I don’t think I can ever forget today’s ride: the hardest ride of my life.

Weather turns

We’ve had a bike trip planned for nine months. Jeff. City, where we will be starting, has had unseasonably warm weather for the last three weeks. We start our bike ride on Saturday. A fluke snow storm also arrives Saturday. So, it looks like we will be snowbiking. The weather can’t stop us!