Spring planting

I welcomed my first official day of spring break with some spring planting. Now that I’ve had a taste of planting, I’m ready for more!

Rainy days

Though I didn’t get the art done I intended to do today, I did get in some plant-searching, resting, and Dos Salsas. Sometimes, we need a rainy day to scrap our plans.

Bike trip prep

Since I moved to Missouri 12 years ago, I’ve wanted to bike the entire length of the Katy Trail. Until this point, I’ve never bike the entire thing. I’ve biked sections of it, but now, we will bike it all! This calls for outfitting the bike for some bikepacking. Yes, that’s a term. Here’s to the beginning of many bike adventures, I hope.


Today, we woke up early to swim around the manatees in the Manatee preserve. Then, we kayaked the rest of the wildlife refuge. I wish we would sanction off more areas for beautiful creatures (nature) for future generations to enjoy.

Early birthday shenanigans

Today, we enjoyed a pre-birthday celebration with  a greenbelt hike, trip to Ikea, pizza, cupcakes, and cold rain. Though my birthday is in February, it always seems to be hot in Texas then. This year, I got a change. Hooray!


Banana bread

For Christmas, my mom likes to give us small “treats.” This year, she gave me this banana bread mix. While I can make banana bread, it’s fun to try out different mixes. With a few very ripe bananas left, I decided tonight was the night to try out the mix. Amidst heavy downpours and the smell of bread cooking, I enjoyed a “cold” winter night.

Hey, Katy Trail

Today, we had a few hours to spare so we took a little walk on the Katy Trail. It was my first time there since I moved away over four years ago. I can’t wait for our bike ride across Missouri on it in a few months!