Christmas joy

Tonight, we celebrated Christmas with my side. It was simple and fulfilling and full of joy. One of my nieces is an avid reader and captures that joy with each and every book. I’m thankful for the time to spend with my family and thankful for remembering that joy.

Edge of Seventeen

Today, we watched a movie I’ve been waiting to see for awhile now: The Edge of Seventeen. To commemorate, we went shopping for frivolous holiday decor and chowed down on some Italian. It’s a nice reminder that we are all on the edge of seventeen even those we don’t think are.


Needed love

Today, my grandpa and his partner came into town. As we get older, I cherish these visits even more. With my nieces over, we had a house full of love at my parents’. After a day that felt lacking in it, it was nice to be surrounded in such genuine love.




Tonight, we watched the movie, Arrival. Though I’m sure some will find room to complain, it was a great opening to a week about giving thanks – thanks to the life we make, thanks to the life we are given, and thanks to the relationships we forge.




I hate doing it, but I love it all at once. Today was our weekly cleaning day. With four cats, it’s beyond necessary. Today also marked the day for getting the house prepped for the commencement of Christmas decorations later this week. So, with that, I took to putting away some of my long-term projects. I love the refreshing feeling I get every year at this time for this very reason – cleaning.

Choose Love

Some days are harder than others. Today was one of them. I did not feel well and had other events shape my day negatively. When I got home, we had a package on our door, addressed to our address, but with the wrong name. There was no way of returning it. So, I opened it. In it was a shirt bought to support refugees and titled “choose love.” It was a great reminder that, even when things are hard, you always have a choice on how to proceed. Choose it kindly and lovingly.