Three day weekend

Hallelujah! Working at a private boarding school, we don’t get the same breaks as everyone else. So, yes, we labored on labor day. So, now I refrain from laboring while everyone else labors. To honor that, I started it out with a little Peculiar Children, some blankets, and recliners. And, I’m thankful for all of it.

A seat in the great outdoors

Tonight, I decided to try a walk since I still can’t shake this post-op sickness. When I finished, I was treated to this serene view outside our house, complete with my favorite new book on Audible. Tonight, I’m thankful for…trees. Yes, trees.

Audio books

Today, I’m thankful for audio books. I developed the addiction over the summer. And, now, it’s the thing I look forward to every morning – ┬ádriving in traffic so I can listen to my Audible book. I listen to it when I work out, when I rest, and when I drive. Yes, I’m an audio book addict. And, today, I’m thankful for it as I conquer my first sickness of the school year.