These are a few of my favorite…scripts!

I apologize in advance for getting The Sound of Music stuck in your head. It’s been stuck in mine since I went to the play last week. In honor of that, today, I’m sharing a few of my favorite scripts. I’ll admit that there are a few I want to add and a few I want to make slight revisions to. That said, these are a great starter pack of scripts.

To find additional add-ons and other Google Goodness, check out Enjoy!

Using Add-ons in GAFE? You should!

As we near summer, be sure to check out some add-ons that can make all the difference ind Google Apps. For me, I cannot live without DocHub. I’ve saved so much paper and toner because of it. Someone sends me a PDF to sign. Now, I can just sign it this way. Or…even better: Someone gives you a hard copy. You can scan it with the Drive app on your phone (currently only Android only) and save it as a PDF in your phone. Then, you can use DocHub to sign it and edit the document. Boom! No more paper and much easier to search and find.

Per an earlier post:

Google Apps can do a lot on their own, but to really get the benefits, you need to use the Google Add-ons available in Forms, Docs, Sheets.

Check out Add-ons make the world go round for a listing of some of my favorite add-ons. Some add-ons are also legacy scripts that you can get from the old Google Sheets.

More Google-iciousness is available on


Google Apps Scripts: The miracle drug

Recently, I revived my love for FormMule after my EdTech Women crew wanted users to be able to submit a Form & have those responses automatically appear in Google Calendar. I forget how useful this script is until I use it. Like FormMule, there are several that are still only accessible through the OLD SHEETS. So, you either have to go to New Visions and make a copy of one of their scripts sheets or go to first. Then, make a form from the sheet. Or, you can make a Form normally and choose the response destination as one of the old sheets. Same amount of steps each way.

In the meantime, I’ve included tutorials on some of my favorite scripts (some need a few tweaks, which will come shortly) into one presentation.

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#Google #addons just got even better

If you haven’t checked out the add-ons available on Docs, Sheets, & Forms recently, you should. There some some add-ons that can revolutionize how you use the tools.

Check out the full list of add-ons on the Add-ons Make or Break Presentation. Check out for more scripts and add-ons!

Recently, I’ve tried out these add-ons with some success. Give them a try!

Docs add-ons:

  • Doc Secrets – hide elements of your document so only certain people can see it
  • Revision Assistant – a more precise way of giving revision feedback
  • Copy Comments – copy the comments from one document to another
Sheets add-ons:
  • Add Reminders: From a Spreadsheet, send reminders to your email!
  • Sort by color: sort cells by color
  • Random Generator: randomly generate names and numbers in a spreadsheet
  • Sites Catalog: create a listing of all sites in a domain on a spreadsheet – can be inserted onto a Webpage
  • Calendar Event Importer: import events from a calendar to a spreadsheet
  • Geocode: using latitude and longitude, create maps from a spreadsheet
  • Twitter Archiver: create an archive of all Twitter chats in a spreadsheet
  • Import Calendar Events to Spreadsheet: import events from a calendar to a spreadsheet

            #gafe scripts revealed!

            If you haven’t tried out any of the Google Apps Scripts already created for your convenience, I challenge you to find one to try over your winter break. And, even if you are a veteran, try a new one.

            My current favorites are Choice Eliminator and Awesome Tables for Google Sites. They have made my productivity increase.

            A recent find was Alice Keeler’s Group Maker. It automatically creates groups from a spreadsheet. And, what’s even better is that you can use it with Google Classroom to make small groups in Classroom – my most wished-for feature!

            Check out some tutorials of my favorite scripts in Scripting & Add-Ons Revealed. Go to for more Google goodness!

            Get your Google #appsscripts on!

            Once you feel comfortable (no expert status necessary) with Google Apps, it’s helpful to step it up a notch with Google Add-ons and Google Apps Scripts.

            Last spring, I read about a cool way to use Spreadsheets as a student response system. I also discovered and utilized Awesome Tables – my favorite find.

            So, read along and, perhaps, you will find an add-on or script that will make Google Apps the perfect (nearly) tool for you. Check out the Add-ons and/or Scripts presentation. Read for more information!

            Google Apps Add-ons: Are you using them?

            You should! I’ve finally added in my favorite Forms Add-ons and I’ll continue to update as more changes are made. If you have others to recommend, be sure to tell!

            Google Add-ons for Docs, Sheets, and Forms make Drive even more awesome than it already is. Google Drive is left rather basic, but when you use add-ons, you can do more than you ever dreamed. Check out some of the awesome things you do with the use of an add-on. Check out and Add-ons: Make or Break for more scripts.



            AppsScripts – all of the cool kids are using them!

            Google Apps Scripts are where all of the cool kids hang out. Seriously, you think Google Apps are school? Check out some of the awesome things you can make them do with the use of a simple script. Check out and Scripting & Add-Ons Revealed for more scripts.


            Scripting & Add-ons preso slide.png

            Form Ranger

            • Create a Google Form and install the add-on, Form Ranger
              • Imports a range from a Google Sheet (including those in Doctopus Add-on)
              • Allows you to populate and refresh multiple choice, list, checkbox, and grid style question options from columns in any Google Sheet.
            • View tutorial from creators, New Visions Cloud Lab
            • View ideas for uses from creators, New Visions Cloud Lab
            Form Limiter

            • Create a Google Form and install the add-on, FormLimiter
              • Limits response to forms based on several criteria
                • Time
                • # responses
                • Values
            • View tutorial from Brian Gray, Google Education Trainer
            • View ideas for uses from creators, New Visions Cloud Lab

            GEG CENTX’s very own, Alicia Brooks, provides an overview of how you can use DocAppender as a text response tool. It appends Form responses to a Google Doc.