Spring begins

Today, we started back at school and commenced spring term. It was also the first day of spring. After a long day back, I enjoyed an evening stroll by our neighborhood creek. The sunshine is much appreciated.

So many bags

Today, I spent my last day of spring break raking and bagging leaves. I’ve been doing this weekly since January 1 – the problem with having a yard with over 10 trees. Today’s toll: over four hours of raking wet leaves and pollen. Here’s to kicking off spring by bagging fall’s baggage!

Goodbye, fall

Tonight, we celebrated three years together a few days early, as a 50 degree temperature drop rolled in. Though front only did damage to my sickness, there is something magical about watching winter roll in.

Christmas light bike ride

Tonight, we took our annual Christmas light bike ride. Though many of the lights in our neighborhood were not on, we did find our way to Starbucks for some hot cocoa to round out the night. Now, on to our next Christmas light bike ride!

Sugar Cookies

Today, we decided to watch Christmas movies and make Christmas cookies. Since Aj had never iced a sugar cookie before, I felt it was past due. Despite the icing being too runny, we had a successful start to sugar cookie season. Tonight, my belly is thankful for sugar…cookies.


A time for socks

‘Tis the time of the year for fuzzy socks. I live for this time of the year. Unfortunately, in Texas, this lasts for one-two months at most so you need to live each day to the fullest fuzzy sock. Today, I did just that…under my boots.

Christmas eyes

Today, we set up the Christmas tree train and children’s Christmas tree at my parents’ house. The nieces were in awe and I was reminded to take a breath. Christmas eyes…