Completing the great adventure

Today, we woke to 3 inches of snow in St. Louis so we decided to Uber our way to the train station. We enjoyed a great train ride, but were met with a cold, hilly ride from the train station back to home base. However, we are now done!

We made it to St. Louis

We had to revise some of our biking plans as a result of the winter storm that made its way through. As a kid in St. Louis, The Hill was my favorite Italian food, so I wanted to return to my favorite Italian eatery: Charlie Gittos. Since we didn’t have a car, we Ubered (is that a verb, yet?) our way to the restaurant. Unfortunately, in my delirious state, I told our driver to stop to soon – at Guidos. They sound the same. It wasn’t until we left the restaurant that I realized we had gone to the wrong place…



Weather turns

We’ve had a bike trip planned for nine months. Jeff. City, where we will be starting, has had unseasonably warm weather for the last three weeks. We start our bike ride on Saturday. A fluke snow storm also arrives Saturday. So, it looks like we will be snowbiking. The weather can’t stop us!

Iceland planning – stage 2

Today, we embarked on some serious planning for our Iceland trip. It’s amazing how much work can go into planning a trip, but I’m even more excited than I was two months ago when we first decided we’d be going back.


Today, we woke up early to swim around the manatees in the Manatee preserve. Then, we kayaked the rest of the wildlife refuge. I wish we would sanction off more areas for beautiful creatures (nature) for future generations to enjoy.

Economy run-in

Today, we had a run-in with Economy rent-a-car in Florida. Don’t ever go to the Orlando Airport location! I regret not checking out their less-than-one-star reviews prior to our trip. Nevertheless, we made it to our dinner cruise with one minute to spare. Virgin drinks were in store for us!